Delinquent's Guide to the South Airport Hood

A comic about solitary seniors
The most moving and tear-jerking social comedy in spring 2024

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Loving Highsmith

I am determined to make a good thing of every catastrophe of my life.

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OKEN: Childhood Memories of a Taiwanese Poet

Adaptation of renowned poet Yang Mu’s Mountain Wind and Ocean Rain
Heading overseas! Honored with Raymond Leblanc Prize in Brussels's Comic Strip Festival

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Glimmer Series — The Sun Between the Fingers

A heartwarming story illustrated by the famous awarded comic artist Cory

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Glimmer Series — The Girl Who Feeds the Cat

A psychological suspense drama about sexual violence in campus,
illustrated by up-and-coming comic artist YAYA

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Wu Sheng He's Still Young. 9/2 In Theaters

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"Unfulfilled Dream" - Mar. "I Remember" - Mar.

"Unfulfilled Dream" - Mar. 18
"I Remember" - Mar. 25

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South Airport Coffee Fragrance

A Comic Book with a Social Conscience
A Village Chief and the Soaring Youth Barista Training Program

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Hunters: “Daddy Cat”, “Lee Jiabao”

Two short stories about stray cats, written by well-known Taiwanese author Chu Tien-Hsin.
Adapted into picture book format by popular comic book artist Ruan Guang-Min.

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A Lean Soul DVD

With Keen Observations of the Times

Poet Hsiang Yang Lends His Voice to “The Island Chanted in Poetry”

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Third Series of “The Inspired Island” Coming Soon

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Where the Eyes Linger

The beauty of literature conveyed through sound and images,
creating visual works that the eyes linger upon.

The Inspired Island

The essential documentary film series on literature in Taiwan.

Connecting Taiwan and Hong Kong across the strait, documenting the historic events of the 20th century
and the writers who lived through it all in a retelling of the glorious chapters in literary creation.


The Island Chanted in Poetry

Listen to literature read aloud and relive the reading experience.

We’ve invited authors to read their works,
bringing literature vividly alive through sound and images.


Artists Series

A Blossom that Never Fades

Dancer Lo Man-fei x Director Chen Hwai-eng
This is a story of remembrance that retraces the life of a dancer, friend, and teacher par excellence, Lo Man-fei.



A Touch of Green
Drifting Souls in Historic Times

Based on a story from writer Pai Hsien-yung’s masterpiece, Taipei People, this adaptation, directed by award-winning auteur Tsao Jui-yuan, presents the story of men fighting for dynasties they cannot see, and the women who see only the rubble of toppled cities…