South Airport Coffee Fragrance

A Comic Book with a Social Conscience
A Village Chief and the Soaring Youth Barista Training Program



“The story addresses current social issues and is based on actual on-site visits.
It is dedicated to all children with a dream. A chance for them to fly and soar!”

About the Comic Book

This book, involving the joint efforts of a noted television producer and an innovative sequential artist, tells of how the Housebook60 Coffee Shop, a charitable organization, first came into existence. Actual visits to the Housebook60 Coffee Shop were conducted, as were interviews with Village Chief Fang He-Sheng and students of the Soaring Youth Barista Training Program. Drawn in a lovely style, the comic book is both realistic and heartwarming. By following in the footsteps of Fang He-Sheng, we see how a disadvantaged Taiwanese youth is able to turn his life around.

South Airport is located in the Zhongqin district of Taipei, Taiwan. Most of the apartment buildings there are old and dilapidated. It is an impoverished area, well-known to the city’s social welfare workers.

Jia-Kai, the protagonist of the story, does not know who his mother is. His father is a violent drunkard. At fifteen, he is a terrible student ostracized by his classmates. He resorts to petty theft to find enough to eat. He is a problem child both at school and in his neighborhood.

Unexpectedly, Jia-Kai turns out to be a gifted coffee maker. He is working hard to fulfill his goal of becoming a barista with a certificate issued by an organization in the United Kingdom. But after an argument with a member of his coffee class, Jia-Kai gives it all up and returns to the streets…

About the Author

笳彧 H.Chia / 漫畫

H. Chia / Comic Artist

H. Chia is a sequential artist, whose main interests are comics, illustrations, hand-painted animations, and storyboarding. Her previous publications include Bygone. Her works have been shown at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, BDFIL (Festival de bande dessinée Lausanne), and the International Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR.

She currently resides in Switzerland and lives a farming/pastoral, semi RPG (role-playing game) lifestyle. She updates her Facebook and Instagram accounts weekly with new drawings.

阿誓 / 採訪編劇、編輯

Ars / Scriptwriter

Ars is the penname of Wu Chia-chia, who works in the television industry and is involved in the production of television programs. She especially enjoys producing human-interest stories. She produced “Welcome to Taiwan”, a television program about recent immigrants to Taiwan. She was also producer of public television’s “Guess Who” and “See You at the Market”. She was creative director of “Light Up”, a show produced by Dai-ai Television Station. She was also writer and director of “On the Road”, a micro-film concerning autism.

South Airport Coffee Fragrance is her first foray into the world of comics.


South Airport Coffee Fragrance

Author: 【Comic】H.Chia; 【Script】Ars
ISBN: 9789860692211
Series: Y|Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm|Pages: 128 pages
Color: Grayscale Printing|Publication Date: 2021.12

博客來 誠品線上 金石堂 讀冊TAAZE 三民書局 MOMO PChome 紀伊國屋 讀墨Readmoo(電子書) BOOK WALKER(電子書) UDN讀書吧(電子書) 樂天KOBO(電子書)

South Airport Coffee Fragrance
【 Limited Edition】
(With a Housebook60 Drip Coffee Bag)

Author: 【Comic】H.Chia; 【Script】Ars
ISBN: 9789860692211
Series: Y|Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm|Pages: 128 pages
Color: Grayscale Printing|Publication Date: 2021.12


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