The Girl Who Feeds the Cat

A Heartwarming Masterpiece in the Glimmer Comic Series
New Comic Artist YAYA's Sharp Illustration of Campus Sexual Violence in a Suspenseful Psychological Drama



Real Cases Sharing by Social Workers and Passionate Supervision by Psychologists
Illuminating Taboo Corners with a Girl's Story

About the Comic Book

The issues of cyberbullying and leaked sex videos on the Internet has become increasingly alarming. The production team conducted on-site interviews and collaborated with experts in the front line of adolescent psychology, Chang Su-Hui and Lisa Chao-Hui Lee, to call for public attention to youth issues.
Together with The Sun Between the Fingers, this comic opens the "Glimmer" comic series. YAYA, the comic artist of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts’ A Century of Splendor, blends distinctive European-style visuals with dramatic Japanese-style storytelling to reveal the complications behind this shocking phenomenon, questioning the underlying issues, while delicately depicting the touching moments of counseling sessions.

"Yes, it was me who uploaded it."

A shy teenage girl uploads an obscene video of her with the school's heartthrob, leaving the school in shock. She refuses to say anything other than her terse confession: "It was me." The scandal soon triggers a series of events revolving around cyberbullying, sexual violence and stereotypes haunting both schools and families. Why did she do that? Will her counselor ever discover the truth to help her heal and recover?

About the Author



This comic artist is also a Japanese language teacher, and has been involved in doujinshi activities for more than two-thirds of her life. From 2012 to 2019, she resided in Kyoto and worked as a manga assistant.

Currently living in Yilan, her love for water sports often leads to them being mistaken as an overseas Chinese from Southeast Asia due to her tanned complexion.

In addition to creating illustrations and picture books, she has published a comic work titled A Century of Splendor: The Encounter between Comics and Taiwanese Art - Lin Yu-shan Part.


The Girl Who Feeds the Cat

Author: YAYA
ISBN: 9789860692259
Series: Y|Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm|Pages: 144 pages
Color: Black & White|Publication Date: 2022.12

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