The Sun Between the Fingers

A Heartwarming Masterpiece in the Glimmer Comic Series
Cory, the Famous Award-winning Comic Artist, Presents a Touching and Healing New Work



Real Cases Sharing by Social Workers and Passionate Supervision by Psychologists
Redeeming the Wounded Souls with the Magic of Comics

About the Comic Book

Birth of the “Glimmer” comic series stems from Fisfisa Media’s deep concern about issues related to children and adolescents.

Acclaimed comic artist Cory, who has won numerous domestic and international awards including the Golden Comic Awards, collaborated, and supervised by the frontline experts in adolescent psychology, Chang Su-Hui and Lisa Chao-Hui Lee. She transforms a youth tragedy into a heartwarming story that speaks volumes about her passion for illustrating stories: "I hope my comics can give other people the strength to support themselves." Comics have the magical power to heal, and we hope to deliver a smile, though dampened by tears, to those who are healing themselves, and those who are healing others.

"If you'd let me, I want to stay by your side and experience all your joy and sadness..."

A haunting regret prompts the Controller of Spacetime and Dreamworld to offer a manga artist a chance to go back in time, three times no less. Hoping to meet a young boy with the widest smile and saddest eyes from childhood, she even agrees to sacrifice her imagination and creativity, putting her artistic career on the line. Perhaps she will learn that empathy, companionship and love are strong enough to heal invisible scars and bring upon miracles.

About the Author



She is a comic artist who has a clear and transparent drawing style and excels at depicting stories about human nature.
Her works have not only won six Golden Comic Awards, but also received recognition from the Japan International Manga Awards twice.

Comic Books:
Love is Everywhere (3 volumes in total)
Make a Wish, Dashi! (5 volumes in total)
Why Not? (4 volumes on going)
CliniClowns: last goodbye (1 volume in total)
Seeing The Wings Of God (1 volume in total)


The Sun Between the Fingers

Author: Cory
ISBN: 9789860692266
Series: Y|Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm|Pages: 168 pages
Color: Black & White|Publication Date: 2022.12

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