Experiencing Literature Through Sound 


“I have never actually created language; I merely reveal what it was always capable of.”——  Wang Wen-xing

Recitation is not only the reading aloud of words, but the extension of the meaning of the words from mind to body, showcasing the magic of words through muscle memory, sound vibrations and the unique life story of the reader.

Fisfisa Media X Eslite Bookstore

Fisfisa Media and Eslite Bookstore’s Nanxi branch collaborated to show visualized works of literature on three five-meter tall monitor walls, and to broadcast recordings of writers reading their own works in the bookstore. Eslite Bookstore’s Xinyi, Songyan and Dunnan branches also created “Poetry Lost and Found” display cases to feature selected works of literature. In a busy space where people come and go, literature is there for you in both sight and sound.

Literature Visualized: An Exhibition for You 

January 15~March 31, 2019

2019 marks the tenth anniversary for Fisfisa Media. Our belief from the very beginning was this: “A cultural endeavor should be measured in decades.” Since then, we have steadfastly worked to preserve the literary waves that have washed over the inspired island. The writers and works featured may be unfamiliar to you, and the historic events distant memories from an unfamiliar age. Yet what literature primarily does is allowing us to feel empathy for one another, across generations and despite scars of old. Literature imagines the ideal and is the imagined ideal; it is capable of roaming the skies and coming back to earth with a perfect landing.

At this momentous ten-year mark, Fisfisa Media has joined hands with Eslite Bookstore to organize “Poetry Lost and Found: A Visual Exhibition of Selected Works”, and the digital “Island Literature Image Art Exhibition”. We invite you to watch and listen to videos of writers reading their own works. Thank you for stopping here. We are delighted to share highlights from our ten-year journey with you.


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